An Owner's Manual:
The Guide for Building a Great Company

The Core Principles of Operation

Team, partners, and future colleagues,

This is what defines us. This is our core.

True magic happens when people unite with a shared set of beliefs and values.

The way I see things, a company is only a thing that exists to solve problems for people by people. And by empowering people you will grow spiritually, emotionally, and financially.

We believe in inspiring people to achieve more

Our mission is to efficiently advance and make everything better.

We have a purposeful mission and it simply is, with our involvement, to make people, products, processes — and everything better.

Our success depends on our efforts, so we aim to work with this statement every day, and as a result, we will make everything better. Whatever that is.

We believe in creating shared value

Our vision is to be the first choice for collaboration, educational content, and talent.


We want to be the agency people turn to — the first choice for our target customers who believe what we believe. But one thing we are very conscious of is that we are part of an ecosystem. We believe in the strength of strategic partnerships so we can solve problems and challenges more effectively, better and faster.

Educational content

We want to build a community around our brand by teaching others what we do and know. However, experience has taught us that valuable insight is not theoretical, so the lessons we share must be the ones we have learned firsthand.


And most importantly, we believe in focusing on what makes us successful — awesome people like you — so we want to be the first choice for career opportunities.

We believe there is beauty in simplicity

Our strategy is simple, yet effective — and it can be summed up with just three words: Focus; Ambition; Speed.


We believe in doing the right things, the right way to achieve desired outcomes.


We believe in approaching our customer’s business as if it were our own. In fact, that's the simple idea inLink was founded on; be the company where we can see ourselves as customers.


We believe in the speed of implementation so we can deliver value faster to our customers.

Our strategy enables us to direct our attention on the essentials — deliver high value to our customers while providing us with the ability to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

We believe in culture

Probably the most important component for success is culture. And without a doubt, the hardest thing for competitors to copy. I fundamentally believe that the best way to build a thriving culture is to have a workplace that nurtures a growth mindset.

What do I mean? It’s best explained in bullet points:

  • Effort creates luck
  • Be better today than yesterday
  • Always be learning with a childlike curiosity
  • Use leadership to bring the best out of people
  • Have a winner’s mentality and believe that anything is possible
  • Take risks. Failure happens along the way to mastery
  • Be quick to bounce back when making mistakes


We will carry through our vision, mission, and strategy by being a purpose-driven company bound by values, rather than a profit-driven company bound by rules

Benjamin Razi, Founder inLink